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Story of Krishna Astami Celebration at Bhaktapur by Anuj Tandukar #photowalkersnp #spnnepal

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Finding Minimalism Around You - #photoseries by Sushila Gurung #photowalkersnp #spnnepal

Minimalism - Using the smallest range of materials and colours possible, and only very simple shapes or forms ( Cambridge Dictionary )  In photography, using this theme and getting the eye catching result which soothe your heart is very important genre of photography. Minimalism is very subjective art. Depending upon your taste, some love this particular type of photography and some feel indifferent about it. I kind of love this genre of photography, hence showcasing few images which i captured using this technique. Choosing the interesting subject, finding a story on simple things, creating a sense of scale, working with bold contrasting colors, experimenting with texture, patterns and lines and finding that striking composition to highlight the subject are few important basics of minimalistic photography. All Images by Sushila Gurung . Text by Udhab Kc For  #photowalkersnp   #spnnepal About the Author : A Photographer by hobby and artist by nature, Susila Gurung developed the hobby i