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Story of Krishna Astami Celebration at Bhaktapur by Anuj Tandukar #photowalkersnp #spnnepal

Krishna astami  is observed generally in between august and september.  There may be different ways people celebrate it however the celebration in Bhaktapur really fascinated me, form the way they show their devotion toward Krishna.   It all starts with the gathering of the devotee in Wakupati Narayan Temple. After the gathering people or devotee mainly "Krishna Pranami" caste from Newar community gets ready. While getting ready you can see people putting the cow dung in the devotee hands, shoulders and head to rest the butter lamp upon it. Once the journey begins the butter lamps are light up and the walk throughout the city is started. It is said that balancing the butter lamp in hands, shoulders and head resemble the journey that Vasudeva made to flee Krishna from the hands of Kamsa to Brindaban. Which is said that Kamsa received a prophecy stating that one of Vasudeva and Devaki's children would bring about his downfall.  The end of the ritual ends at the same temple.